Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

These days, social media optimization is a necessary part of any internet marketing effort that businesses can’t afford to ignore. Far from being a purely promotional tool, your social media site should be geared towards reaching out to your customers and it should become a well-designed two-way communication platform.

Complete your profile.

Don’t leave any part of your social media profile blank or unanswered, especially those that your visitors can readily notice. Launching a profile with a lot of missing information might get your prospective customers to think that you won’t have time to respond to their queries or feedback when you couldn’t even find time to complete your profile page.

Keep everything linked.

If you are using multiple platforms for your social media campaign, make sure that they are all linked together. This way, your followers in Facebook can also see what you have in Twitter, Instagram, and so on. You should also have links to your main website in all your profile pages and if possible, your posts.

Follow other sites.

Give your social media presence a more “human side” by following or liking other relevant pages. Be selective in doing this though, because you probably don’t want to follow and lead your customers to a competitor’s page. You should also keep your likes to things which are in line with your business.


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