Internet Marketing in Tucson—The Vital Role of Responsive Web Design

Businesses hoping to maximize their reach to most, if not all, denizens of Tucson, AZ turn to online marketing strategies like web design for help. While there are some definite dos and don’ts when it comes to Tucson internet marketing strategies, the rules are, in a large part constantly changing. For instance, this 2014, marketing firms like Page 1 Consulting, LLC are applying responsive design in all of their client sites.

Responsive Web Design

To optimize the user experience, websites have to adapt to whatever medium the viewer is using, which is why in the past, businesses had two separate sites—one for desktop and another for mobile. However, with the constant innovation in smartphone and tablet technology, there is a growing need for a single website that can adapt itself to any medium—a need that’s answered by responsive web design (RWD).